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From custom Dashboards to Feeds that power your Applications

Since 2013 I have recorded over 1.3 million Test Flight hours, and growing each day. For most people the Data on the site is useful as is, but a lot of times I get requests for a custom way to show certain data points. Whether you are a Pilot for an Airline excited to get your first NEO, a reporter of a Media company looking for specific Delivery Data or just an avid Aviation Enthusiast, I can build you custom Dashboards to show exactly what you are looking for and are updated automatically as soon as new Data becomes available. Thanks to the Aviation Community this project is kept accurate and reliable.

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Airline Dashboards

A custom overview of a Airline of your Interest

Whether you are an Airline representative or just want to follow a particular Airline this is the Dashboard for you. They are designed to showcase all of the current, passed and upcoming Test Flight Activity for every A320 Family Aircraft of the particular Airline of interest. From recent Delivery Flights, to First Flights, to whats next in Production, its all there. A "smart" Slideshow shows you all the important highlights of upcoming Aircrafts so you won't miss any special moments. All of this is followed by the entire A320 Family Test Flight History of all of the Aircrafts in your Airline, which one can easily browse through. The data on the Dashboards are updated instantly as new data becomes available.

Email Alerts

By having access to the Dashboard you also automatically get E-mail notifications whenever a Flight Activity is added to your Airline of Interest. This way you will always stay in the loop of all new Flight Activity within the Airline.

Mobile Ready

All the information shown on the Dashboard is immediately mobile ready, which means it can be viewed not just on Desktop but also on Tablet and Mobile devices.

For detailed Airline Dashboard enquiries send a email at

Dashboard Examples

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Data Feed

Perfect for providing Data for your Application

If you want a custom data Feed to your Application of the latest A320 Family Archive Flight Activity it can be provided to you. All of the Data feeds will be available in JSON format, which can easily be manipulated no matter what Programming Language, and includes data points such as Flight Activity, Callsign, Hex Code, Date & Time it performed the Activity as well as Aircraft Information such as MSN, Aircraft Type and Test & Delivery Registration.

For custom Data Feed enquiries send a email at