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Documenting the Production List, Test & Delivery Flight Activity of the Airbus A320 Family

The A320 Family Archive Project

About This Project

Hello, I'm Mario and I'm the guy who runs this project. I should note this project is not affiliated with Airbus in any way, its just a hobby project that I created. But before I get started maybe I should explain why I'm even doing this...

When I was little my Dad worked at the Airbus Final Assembly Line in Hamburg, Germany (XFW). I have visited the airport and spotted on the famous little viewing area by the runway quite often. My dad would often bring home collectible stickers and other cool souvenirs. This is how I got introduced to Aviation in General. Fast forward many years later and moving to Canada, I went to school for Computer Studies and eventually ended up as a Web Designer, which is what I do today for a living.

The excitement on seeing Test Flight activity still stands for me and with the help of the Internet I kept a spreadsheet log of the Test & Delivery Flights myself for many, many years. For school and for work I have done a lot of side projects. For example, I used to have a project "Barrie Spotter" that uses data from Flight Trackers to capture Aircrafts flying above my city. I open sourced that project and today other people have taken it into whole new levels and called it FlightAirMap. Eventually I decided it was time use my spreadsheet and make a proper site to showcase my logs online.

At the time I had no idea that there are so many other people interested in all the Production List, Test & Delivery Flight Activity of the A320 Family. Today, thousands of people use this site to see what the latest status is of their favorite Aircraft/Airline. This is a community project and I continue to iterate the project based on your feedback :) Although, you could find similar contents on other Aviation sites, I put in my efforts to showcase the information in ways that are clean, modern and responsive.

In July 2018 I launched a new venture called, with the intention of extending what I have done on this project into other Aircraft types for Analysis and Research & Development. In November 2018 I decided to experiment with a new feature for any of the Airbus Final Assembly Airports and Beluga Airports in where I issue 'Special Weather Advisories' when weather is forecasted that could have an impact on operations.

Oh and one more thing... the contents of this project will always be FREE :)

Aircraft Profiles

Every aircraft has its own profile, with beautiful full-width cover Photos and all the information about that particular aircraft, including what aircraft it is, which Airline it belongs to, what engines its using, how old it is and its entire Flight Activity History up to Delivery.

Test Flight Map & Graph

In the Aircraft Profiles, almost all Test Flights since mid 2017 have a Map of the actual Flight Path and a Altitude & Speed Graph. Data is courtesy of FlightRadar24 and a big Thank You goes to them for allowing me to show this.

Detailed Search

Everything is searchable in this project. From aircraft information such as MSN Construction number, Aircraft Type, Airline to Flight details such as Callsign, Hex Code and Date & Time. As soon as a new aircraft or flight information is added into the project its immediately searchable.

In-Depth Statistics

There are in-depth statistics with an overview of all the Flight Activity information, such as First Flight and Delivery Information since the first introduction of the A320 Family Aircraft in 1987. Statistics can be viewed on a month-by-month basis or a full Year.

Custom Alerts

You can add any Aircraft or entire Airline Fleet to your Alerts and get notified whenever there are any activity changes. You have full control on how and when you want the Alerts to be send out.

Mobile/Tablet Ready

All features on this site are responsive and work on both mobile and tablets. Just load the site in your favorite mobile web browser and your all set to go!

Thank You Aviation Friends

Whether on the ground spotting or running their own project, this project wouldn't be possible without the amazing help of the local aviation community.

A huge thank you go to our amazing aviation friends from around the world. Some of them keep me up-to-date on a daily basis, on what's going on with test & delivery flights on any of the Airbus fields. Thank you so much for all the contributors and other friends that also have amazing sites:

Its very important for me to be transparent on how the images are being use on the site and where they are coming from. ALL image url's are linked to their original photo location and are copyrighted to their respective photographers. For the most part this site uses Flickr for the photos. A link to the original Flickr URL is given and with the Flickr API I get the photo URL and the Flickr username. I definitely value the photographers effort to take their amazing photos and none of the photos are stored on this site. Youtube embeds are also occasionally used on the site to give you a glimpse of how aircrafts look like on video, again linked to their original Youtube location.

A very special mention goes out to Scott of Norebbo for his amazing work on the A320 Family illustrations that are being shown on the site when no aircraft pictures are present.

I want to give a special Thank You! to the photographers who put the effort to get out there in the most craziest weather conditions to shoot the Aircrafts in action. Their contributions really help give this project much more authenticity. Some of the most common photographers are featured below:


If you have any questions, concerns, feedback or suggestions you can email me at info[at]

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Thank you for all your feedback and generosity!