A320 Family Archive Documenting the Airbus A320 Family Test & Delivery Flights

An open project thanks to the local Aviation Communities from all over the world

This project covers all Test & Delivery Flights of the Airbus A320 Family aircraft.

Aircraft Details

Aircraft Profiles

Every aircraft has their own profile. Each profile contains all the information about that particular aircraft, including what aircraft it is, which airline it belongs to, what engines its using and how old it is. Thanks to the Aviation Community images are also available to get a better understanding how the aircraft looks like. Additionally, the profile contains an entire flight history of its test flight program, including the airports it flew to, callsign, hex code, and the date & time it started and landed from.


In-Depth Statistics

What would a database oriented project be without statistics? There is a statistics page that gives an overview of all the deliveries as well as most common Airline and Aircraft Type since the first introduction of the A320 Family Aircraft in 1987. Additionally, there is also a similar overview of all Flights, First Flights and Deliveries for this year, shown on a monthly basis. Each section also has a statistic page. For example, for each Airline one can see Total Deliveries, Top Aircraft Types and Top Airports where aircrafts got assembled at. More statistics will be added in the near future.

Community Features

Community Features

Without the amazing help of the local Aviation Community this project would not even exist. That's why there are community features, such as adding any aircraft to your "Watchlist" and getting notified by email when an aircraft has a new test or delivery flight.

Thank You Aviation Friends

Whether on the ground spotting or running their own project, this project wouldn't be possible without the amazing help of the local aviation community.

A huge thank you go to our amazing aviation friends from around the world. Some of them keep me up-to-date on a daily basis, on what's going on with test & delivery flights on any of the Airbus fields. Thank you so much for all the contributors and other friends that also have amazing sites:

All image url's are linked to their original photo location and are copyrighted to their respective photographers. For the most part this site uses Flickr for the photos. A link to the original Flickr URL is given and with the Flickr API I get the photo URL and the Flickr username. I definitely value the photographers effort to take their amazing photos and none of the photos are stored on this site. Youtube embeds are also occasionally used on the site to give you a glimpse of how aircrafts look and sound like on video.

A very special mention goes out to Scott of Norebbo for his amazing work on the A320 Family illustrations that are being shown on the site when no aircraft pictures are present.

A big thank you goes out to all photographers who put the effort to get out there to shoot the test & delivery flights, in some cases on a daily basis. Their contributions really help give this project a better understanding of how the aircrafts look like. Some of the most common photographers are featured below:


If you have any questions, concerns, feedback or suggestions you can read the FAQ or you can email us at info[at]a320archive.com. Anything is welcome :)